Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dirty Dirty Dirt Work

I thought I would start this up as my personal blog just tidbits of things I am working on and things that are going on in my life. The other blogs are great for all the business stuff but I wanted to have an outlet to talk to my online friends that did not involve all business. I am working really hard to do a whole bunch of guest blogging I really enjoy writing and this is something us girls can do that gets us some exposure but also allows us to explore some important areas. I am almost the point of having a new computer this old one is super slow and I am ready to be spoiled again. I appreciate those that helped  out and still have a little ways to go hint hint. So the reason for the title I got up yesterday morning to find out that my internet was out and it was a system wide issue. I just decided to pack up and go see Chilly Hicks for a few days. I am looking at moving back with her in about a year. That place needs a lot of work and the first thing is getting some garages built and a couple of new rooms on the house. It is just way to small to be comfortable. So I am down here for a few days to get a bunch of dirt work done. We had tried to do this in May but it started to rain and didn't stop for an entire month. Now it is super dusty and every messy! The dirt is really fine so it goes everywhere and just covers everything in a sheen of filth. I will be back home in a couple of days not that it really matters because without a new computer I can not do camming I can only do phone. The really frustrating part is all the movies, pictures and mp3 we had ready to go out but they can not be completed till I get my new system. So for now it is all about the writing.